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    Diamond Member Tier

    Elevate Your Coaching and Business Beyond Limits with the Diamond Membership!

    Welcome to the pinnacle of achievement - the Diamond Member Tier of the Committed Community. Experience an unprecedented realm of resources, mentorship, and connections that will catapult your coaching and training endeavors to unparalleled heights.

    Key Features:

    • *Diamond Ticket Included: Immerse yourself in the ultimate experience with a Diamond ticket. Gain exclusive access to our 2024 conference, offering one-on-one meetings with all speakers. Engage in intimate breakfasts and late-night talks with speakers and the CTTC group, forging connections that last a lifetime.

    • *Personalized Meetings with Speakers: Enjoy 30-minute one-on-one meetings with all speakers at the 2024 conference. Gain direct insights and establish connections with industry experts that can reshape your coaching and business trajectory.

    • *Partner Camp & 2-Day Mentorship: Elevate your expertise with a Partner Camp hosted in your city. Immerse yourself in a two-day mentorship experience that revolutionizes your coaching strategies.

    • *300K Blueprint: Unlock unparalleled coaching success with the 300K Blueprint Add-On. Dive into an exclusive online course, PDF breakdowns, and a tailor-made checklist, propelling you towards a remarkable $300,000 annually.

    • Louisville Invite - In-Person Mentorship: Gain access to a Louisville Invite, an exclusive in-person mentorship experience that holds the power to transform your trajectory. Details available upon inquiry.

    • Direct Contact with Ryan Fabela for Biz Dev: Enjoy direct access to Ryan Fabela for personalized business development guidance. Harness his expertise to craft strategies that drive exceptional growth.

    • Private Group Call with Ryan and Phillip (Biz Dev): Engage in a private group call led by Ryan and Phillip, focusing on business development. Gain insights from industry leaders to catapult your success.

    • Business Call with Ryan Fabela: Participate in a dedicated business call with Ryan Fabela. Receive personalized guidance and strategies to elevate your business to new heights.

    • Industry Leader Community Call: Connect with industry luminaries during our esteemed Community Call. Engage in discussions that provide invaluable insights and illuminate your path to success.

    • Monthly Basketball Missionary Call: Engage in monthly discussions with Phil Morrison during the Basketball Missionary Call. Deepen your understanding of pivotal topics impacting both your coaching and business journeys.

    • Access to Exclusive Content: Unlock a treasure trove of exclusive content, including revenue-generating AI tools, Community Q&A sessions, online courses, life hacks, tips on securing gym space, and more. Equip yourself with transformative tools.

    • Engage in Discourse: Participate in our dynamic Discord Chat, where Diamond Members converge to share, discuss, and collaborate. Harness the collective brilliance of this select community.

    • Promote Your Events: Showcase your events to a highly engaged audience within the community. Amplify your reach and influence while forging invaluable connections.

    • Book Club Membership: Join the Book Club to explore literature that expands your horizons and stimulates your personal and professional evolution.

    • Global Network: Forge connections with coaches and trainers worldwide. Tap into a global network that transcends boundaries and industries, opening doors to limitless opportunities.

    • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy an extraordinary 25% discount on all premium additional tickets for 2024 events and a 50% discount on additional Baseline Tickets, enabling you to fully embrace our enriching experiences.

    Community Engagement:

    Engage in four enriching calls each month, including private business calls and mentorship sessions. Leverage expert insights and connect with a network that champions your growth.

    Ideal for:

    Serious basketball coaches and trainers committed to exceptional transformation and impact. If you're ready to unlock unparalleled mentorship, resources, and networking, the Diamond Member Tier is your pinnacle.

    Why Choose the Diamond Membership:

    Experience the epitome of coaching and business excellence, curated to your unique aspirations.

    Your Transformation Awaits:

    Select from four convenient payments of $2500 and join the ranks of those who embrace limitless growth.

    Embark on the Diamond Journey:

    Embark on an extraordinary journey of growth and transformation as a Diamond Member. With the Committed Community at your side, your possibilities are boundless. Embrace coaching and business excellence like never before.



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