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    Ganon Baker

    Since June of 2001, Ganon has been traveling all over the world, making an impact on the game of basketball through player training, coaching clinics, and coach mentorship. With an unparalleled level of energy, passion, and love for basketball, Ganon has reached over 10,000 coaches and players each year across 48 US states, 47 countries, and 5 continents.

    Throughout his career, Ganon has trained players at every level of the game, from the professional level in the NBA, WNBA, CBA, and Euro League, to the collegiate level with NCAA, NJCAA, and U Sports, and all the way down to high school and middle school levels. His mission has always been to elevate the game of basketball and empower players to achieve their full potential.

    In addition to his work with players, Ganon has also made a significant impact on the coaching community. He has held coaching clinics in front of over 20,000 coaches globally, sharing his coaching philosophy and helping coaches develop their skills and knowledge. His Ganon Baker Certification process has been earned by over 2,500 coaches worldwide, providing coaches with the tools and knowledge they need to take their coaching to the next level and positively impact their players.

    Throughout his career, Ganon has remained dedicated to sharing his love for basketball with the world and empowering players and coaches to be their best selves on and off the court.